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“I worked with Jose as part of a leadership development programme. In my one-on-one sessions with him, I found him to be insightful and supportive, while simultaneously driving me to challenge my most deeply held perspectives of myself, my job and career path. For the first time in a long time, I feel that I have a roadmap for my professional development as a leader. The time spent with him has been deeply rewarding.”


Corporate Marketing & Communications Division

Public Health Sector

"Insightful and Supportive"

“During my country manager years, I had the opportunity to work with Jose as my executive coach. Jose comes with a wealth of experience in this field and I benefited significantly from him, especially in the areas of providing feedback, interpreting organizational dynamics and ensuring self awareness on the impacts that we make on others either knowingly or unknowingly. I found his questions stimulating and intellectually challenging. His calm style gave me an assurance to open up and discuss things in transparency. In addition, his professional etiquette and integrity are noteworthy to mention. He is a very resourceful coach and I believe he can add real value to those who can ask the right questions to him and willing to open up."

Country Manager

Pharmaceutical Company

"Intelectually Challenging"

“Jose worked with me during six months as part of a leadership development program. Six months after the training I took over the responsibility of the Operations of the European R&D Division (7 direct reports, 250 indirect reports, 12 major sites across Europe, 26 Mio EU yearly budget). Six months ago my area of responsibility expanded to the whole Operations R&D in Europe (12 direct reports, 500 indirect reports, 50 Mio EU yearly budget).  During our coaching sessions Jose helped to transform myself from a specialized scientist into a leader, build up my leadership skills and gain trust in my ability to master successfully a fully new career path.”

Head Administration and Planning

Agribusiness Company

Helped to transform myself

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